Vintage Clothing

Vintage clothes are in the nature old and hence you need to care for them in order to further prolong the garment's life. Please take notice of our piece of advice below:


Leather & sheepskin garments:

If the leather becomes dirty, wipe off with a clean cloth or a soft brush. Wearing the jacket frequently is the best maintenance. When not wearing, keep it in a mold-free, well ventilated place. If the jacket gets wet, dry in a shaded and a well ventilated place. As the moisture dries, oils and fats will be taken away. Before fully drying, apply a leather conditioning cream and wipe off the excess with a dry cloth.

Fabric garments:

Due to the natural materials used in each garment, we recommend you do NOT wash the garment in a washing machine. Dry cleaning is best, but even this can cause discolouration and fading in some cases. Spot cleaning can often suffice. Using a mild soap and cloth, dirt can be gently wiped away by hand. Note: this can lead to fading of the spot if over worked.

Off season:

Preferably the garment should be laid down; leather and sheepskin jackets for example left for prolonged periods on a coat hanger will eventually become deformed and even break through the skin. Use moisture absorbing products and ecologically friendly insect repellents to protect them. (Natural Cedar-ball repellents work very well, they are harmless, and the mild cedar-wood aroma they give off is pleasant). We recommend occasional checking from time to time to make sure mold and moth damage is kept at bay.

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