Terms and conditions text for SveaWebPay Invoice

For invoice payments, we have a partnership with Svea Ekonomi AB. To make a purchase and pay by invoice, you must provide your personal identity number or corporate registration number. One of the conditions for paying by invoice is that you are registered in the Swedish population register and are over 18 years old. You will not be permitted to pay by invoice if you have a record of non-payment.Twelve O'Clock High has transferred all invoices to Svea Ekonomi AB. The invoice’s terms of payment are 10 days. In the event of late payment, a reminder fee will be charged in the statutory amount, which is currently SEK 50, and penalty interest of 2% per month. If payment is not received, the invoice will be handed over to the debt-collection service.


Terms and conditions text for SveaWebPay Installments

Once your credit rating has been approved after you have filled in your personal data at the checkout, Svea Ekonomi AB will offer an account-credit agreement based on the terms and conditions stipulated in the general terms and conditions of the enclosed account agreement. An account agreement entails that you receive credit that you can use to purchase goods and services from suppliers affiliated with Svea. Every time you make a payment to Svea, you have at your disposal a credit amount that matches the amount you have used to repay other purchases during the validity period of the account-credit agreement. The credit offering applies to the amount stated in the account agreement. You select the credit period by inserting a cross next to the operations that best suit you. You undertake to repay the entire credit amount within the credit period. That means that every month you have to pay at least the amount stated in the option you selected. Naturally, you can pay more or even the entire credit amount at one time without incurring any extra charges. If you want to use the account credit for other purchases during the credit period, the minimum monthly payment amount will be raised so that the credit is fully repaid within the agreed credit period. The shorter the remaining credit period, the higher the minimum monthly payment. If you want to retain the same monthly payment, contact Svea on tel +46 8 51493113 and apply for an extended credit period. If you use the account credit for several different purchases, Svea will invoice you separately for these purchases until further notice; this is due to computer technology. Naturally, you will not have to pay for more than one notification charge per month. Unless you specifically inform Svea, Svea will pay for your purchases at Twelve O'Clock High on your behalf. If you have any questions, telephone +46 8 51493113 for more information.


Example of effective interest rate on a purchase of SEK 10,000 over 12 months, 0% interest, SEK 195 arrangement fee and SEK 29 notification charge in accordance with the Swedish Consumer Agency’s guidelines is: 10.68%.


Read more about the general terms and conditions at: www.sveawebpay.se/kontovillkor

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