Perhaps no other garment has been so readily associated with a profession since the days of knights in armor, as the flight jacket. The first aviators adopted leather as their material of choice because of its durability, warmth and of course, good looks ! From the earliest days of flight one of the first challenges faced by airmen was that of keeping warm at altitude. For this reason flight jackets have been a part of aviation from the start. In 1941 USAAF comprised of approx 275.000 personnel which grew to 2,4 million in 1945 – needless to say the need for flying uniforms was formidable ! Please enter to view  Twelve O’Clock High´s selection of vintage US aviation clothing


There were a great variety of combat field uniforms developed, issued and used by U.S. Army Infantry, Airborne, Armored and other arms and services in World War II. Additional clothing and uniforms were provided for specialized purposes. Starting with the array of mounted and dismounted uniforms left over from the pre-war period, stardardization was needed to supply the huge manpower buildup of the pending global war. As the World War II progressed uniforms changed, driven by field experience and also by production requirements for efficiency and the need to preserve scarce materials. Twelve O’Clock High´s ambition is to present those uniforms which we regard as both fashionable and practical in the 21 century.




The Battle of Britain was the first major campaign to be fought entirely by air forces, and was also the largest and most sustained aerial bombing campaign to that date. “Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few."
Originally designed by the parachute pioneer Leslie Irvin, The RAF sheepskin flying jacket was the only flying jacket to be issued to RAF aircrews.  


Twelve O’Clock High is proud to present it´s carefully selected portfolio of 40´s military vintage clothing to the contemporary men & women who take pride in wearing garments which carries a “piece of history” in their sleeves.  Military clothing has served as an inspiration for the fashion industry for decades, therefore Twelve O’Clock High has opted to specialize in military vintage clothing in its desire to present the “true” originals to the fashion buffs of today!
   Our company is named after the motion picture Twelve O’Clock High from 1949. The film tells the story of how the USAAF bombed German industry during WW 2 at horrific losses and how the leadership of General Savage (Gregory Peck) inspires pilots and crews to sacrifice their own lives to liberate Europe. At the time the film was considered an “anti-war” movie as it showed the true horrors of war but at the same time told the story of how men loyal to their cause are willing to offer the ultimate sacrifice –  their own lives!
   Twelve O’Clock High’s message still holds today: war is hell ! But it is also a historic document showing the “military fashion” of the 40`s. The film has been an inspiration for the founders of the company in their strive to build and develop “Twelve O’Clock High's” selection of military vintage clothing from the 40’s.
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